Thursday, 23 September 2010

Taj Mahal: pictures to follow!

Ania: Well, we made it out of Delhi successfully, and the train journey was fine (although trying to get the tickets yesterday was a pain). Chai wallahs and chaat wallahs were coming up and down the aisles selling tea and snacks, and it was shabby but comfy. We arrived in Agra this morning, and pootled about in an autorickshaw for most of the day, seeing the various sights and looking at local handicrafts. Then this afternoon we saw the Taj Mahal, which was every bit as awe-inspiring as you would expect. It's huge - bigger than I'd imagined - and intricately decorated. We're on a rubbish internet connection here so we can't upload photos right now, but we will as soon as we can!

Stu: Oh and thanks for all your comments guys! Keep 'em coming, it's really nice to hear from home!


  1. Hey guys!

    All sounds amazing, can't really believe you've gone to be honest! You've done loads already. Really want ot listen to that bollywood link butam at work so will have to do that later! :) We are leaving tomorrow - eek! I have started up my blog already you can find it at http://betaclimbingteam.blogspot.com/

    So we can both follow each other! Keep them coming they're brill to read.

    Lots of love to you both (especially today Ania for you, Mum would be so happy that you are travelling again)

    Mina xxx

  2. Hey guys.
    Sounds like you're having such a super time. Can't wait for the Taj Mahal pics. Meanwhile here in Sussex drivers are being warned not to leave valuables in their cars overnight. You understand why I can't drop everything and come visit..... SJ x