Monday, 1 November 2010

Goodbye India... :(

I'm currently making use of the free wifi in swish Singapore airport, en route to Sydney. It's been a bit sad to say goodbye to India - it went by so fast - so I'm just taking a moment to reflect on our experiences there.

Things I will miss about India:
  • The amazing food!

  • Autorickshaw rides

  • The stunning Mughal and Rajput architecture everywhere

  • Seeing enormous camels just ambling down the street

  • The gloriously funny mis-spelled signs and menus

  • Living a bit more simply than I do at home in the UK has been refreshing

  • The friendliness of the people, especially the kids

  • Oddly, I'll also miss the way cows have the right of way in every street!

Things I won't miss:

  • Being stared at constantly

  • Not being able to be able to relax and trust that the train/bus you are on will make it to the intended place at the intended time

  • The life-threatening walks down narrow streets filled with motorbikes/rickshaws

  • Haggling, and being suspicious that people are trying to rip me off

  • The lack of a queueing system - having to push/be pushed (never thought I'd say something so stereotypically English!)

  • For all that I've enjoyed the simpler life, I'm also looking forward to a few more mod cons again in Oz!

Overall, I've gotta say I really enjoyed this trip - now on to the next adventure! x


  1. Bye bye India! What a different world you'll be entering now. Please write about the culture shock!
    Hugs to you both,

  2. Began following your blog after you did the cooking lesson (I read Fiona's ).
    Are you coming to Tasmania? If so let me know,

    cheers, Fran

  3. Hello Fran! Thanks for reading. We're not sure whether we'll get to Tasmania - its not in our plan at the moment but then again our plans are very vague! If we do end up going there then I'll let you know.

    Best, Ania