Sunday, 7 November 2010

Our First Aussie Barbie!

We're staying with Ania's cousin, Lucy and her boyfriend, Peter at the moment. On Saturday Peter went out shopping and returned with an enormous barbecue (it's probably tiny by Aussie standards!)!

Here's us building the thing and then using it, as God intended:

Ready to go and fully-loaded! And the chef has a beer too, all is well.

Peter also bought some Australia-shaped food moulds (I'm being corrected, his parents bought them for him - really?!) so this morning we had Australia-pancakes. Note the Nutella-flavoured Tasmania off the south coast!

But we haven’t just been eating, no! We’ve also been on some trips to Coogee seafront and today we went on a long walk from Coogee (where Luce and Pete live) to the very-famous Bondi beach. It was a beautiful walk and the route was punctuated by an art collection called Sculpture by the Sea which was very cool. No pictures yet I’m afraid as we forgot to charge our camera (d'oh!). Lucy did take some piccies though so maybe we can upload some at a later date!

Us two at Coogee in the evening:

And here's Lucy and Peter too:

The four of us at Coogee at the start of our coastal walk to Bondi. Much nicer weather this time!

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  1. I can't believe that bar-b-que. It's more like the TARDIS or something. :-)

    XXX Dom